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[자막뉴스] 학생들 많이 사는 원룸의 악명 높은 집주인 / 2023.07.15.

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Choi, who has lived here for a year, has not been able to get his monthly rent back for over 2 months. It's because the landlord is holding out, saying he can't give it to him as an excuse for cleaning. I think I'm trying to make a deposit to pay more money. The landlord, who received 100, 000 won in maintenance fee for half the price, He's been inundated with annual interest, and he's ignoring the demand for compensation. I think I tried to make it that way to make a deposit.

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The landlord, who received a management fee of 100, 000 won for the expensive half-price, even demanded a pension interest, but ignored the demand for a deposit. The residence registration was not written on the contract. I couldn't see the date of the extension. I decided to sign the contract in my dream. The student who is in front of the director's nose is also worried that he won't be able to get it back like others.

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It's a big help for the student to pay 1.5 million won. I'm afraid I'll be fired while cleaning up the house. The contract period is over, but only 4 people have been confirmed to have not received the deposit. I saved the fee for the broadcast with students and elementary school students, and I signed a contract with the owner of the house through an online app, so I couldn't filter out any disadvantages such as special contracts. He couldn't get the wrong address and couldn't get the right address.

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If he moved the address, he couldn't register for the residence permit. He felt burdened by the procedure and the cost of the lawsuit, so he was worried that the victim would not be able to approach him. Eventually, some victims asked the landlord to investigate the police. The landlord explained that the room was damaged and that there was a greater loss than the deposit, so he did not return it. Because the rent is a small deposit, it can make you tired and give up.

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It's a relief book for legal help, whether it's a consultation or a relief book. When you need legal help, you can ask for help. Around this studio, in 2018, more than 100 victims were mobilized to 16 villas. A large-scale levy fraud that takes away billions of won from insurance. The Police are continuing their investigation after receiving a complaint that there was a damage to the deposit deposit near the scene.

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This is Ahn Seung-gil from KBS News. Thanks for watching!