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Google Bard: 5 cose che devi sapere prima di iniziare a usarlo

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13 July 2023 I am from a client, I am having a conference on artificial intelligence, while we talk about the various aspects, for example, the hallucinations of chat gpt or the hallucinations of Elon Musk who would like to stop chat gpt but simply because he wants to do his artificial intelligence, or we are talking about what an LLM is, What are the various tools to create content automatically? At a certain 0.1 of the participants raised his hand and said, Well, you showed us a lot of tools, but you didn't mention Google, Google Bard. I heard it could be something very interesting. So I said, look, Google Bard is not available in Italy at the moment, unless someone who uses a VPN pretends to be abroad, because at the moment Google is going a little bit at the head of the storm given all the issues related to privacy in Europe that had led to the ban of chatGPT so I can't make a prediction, it could be soon, it could be in 6 months but don't ask me when Bard will arrive in Italy. Well, at that time the news was coming out that Google was practically open in our country, so let's say I wasn't particularly long-sighted, it was very difficult to understand Google's moves and almost suddenly it was practically open, not only for the United States and England where it was available since March so since July Google Bard is available also in our country this news comes let's start playing with this tool it's a chatbot exactly like chatGPT it's based on a llm large language model of huge languages ​​only that this time we are not talking about gpt gpt 3 gpt 4 what we want but we are talking about palm is called Bard for the simple reason that it is just what it seems, that is, a tribute, a reference to the Bard.

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The Bard is a poet, an ancient poet, Shakespeare for example is a Bard, and his ability to create authentic text, unique text and therefore also of value. It is basically a chatbot, a virtual assistant with the ability to answer practically any question, sometimes well, sometimes less well, but this is typical of these tools you access free so as chat gpt is open to everyone you can try even without registration but since we are talking about a Google product If we log in with the credentials we use in Gmail, in Google Drive, we will have advantages that we will see in the various aspects that I will deal with in this video. Well, you can start using it anyway, it speaks Italian very well, like 39 other languages, so 40 in all. Let's try to use it more, let's try. Where it often fails, for example, chat GPT is in the jokes, in the stories.

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He is not able to tell stories, they are quite pitiful, especially because they are often based on word games, perhaps made in English and misinterpreted. So let's try this tool too, and as we see, I asked for a story, a short, funny joke, obviously it makes him laugh, this thing of the clown fish. I don't find it particularly exhilarating, but in the meantime we have seen how this tool works. In particular, before using it at its best, I think you need to know 5 things that characterize it, and in some cases distinguish it from the competitors, so not only from ChatGPT, but for example also by Cloud, Antropik and others. First of all, access to the web, unlike chatGPT which has, in the free version, an important limit, that is, the information that is in his belly until September 2021, Bard is able to navigate.

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So if we ask him that he won the World Cup in Qatar last year, he knows very well that Argentina was born in this. It must be said that he has GPT in the paid version, when he can navigate, because even there there is sometimes some problem and therefore it is blocked but certainly with the plugins it also has GPT, it can answer a question like that, only that the fact that Bard does it natively still gives it a plus in my opinion. There is 1 important thing about navigation. Obviously we are talking about a Google product, so when you think of Google, you think of a search engine, the search engine, in fact, is homonymous. So there is the possibility, under each question, to do a search integration on Google.

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And you have to search with Google and it gives you 3 alternatives, you click 1 of the 3 and at this point the online search starts directly. But we have to talk about input, that is, how to get results, but also the result that is obtained, input and output. When we talk about input, we must know that LLMs have limits. For example, chat GPT allows you to insert prompts, in fact, together with instructions up to 4, 000 tokens. 4, 000 tokens correspond to roughly 3, 000 words.

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Plot 2, for example, is already phenomenal in this because it allows up to 100, 000 tokens. But what is Bard's ability? So this is not specified, that is, if you go to see Google's knowledge base, it does not say how many words can be entered, but several experiments have been done online, not obviously by Italians, there was no time, but it seems that he practically accepts 4000 characters of input and therefore we are talking about a few words, not many, and 50, 000 in output, here too probably a little less than the others, but who knows that they can then expand everything. As for the results obtained, unlike competitors, the chatbot can speak. This means that it can recite out loud, and this is important in terms of convenience but also accessibility.

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And it speaks 40 languages ​​so it plays out the results. Textual outputs can also be shared with other users, so there is a share button. Another interesting thing, we have already seen it a little, is the integration with other Google products. So let's leave aside for a second the integration with the search engine. An interesting integration can be that with Google Drive.

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If I, for example, ask Abarth to create a table, at that point I can export it directly to Google Drive and a spreadsheet will be created, a worksheet with its beautiful columns and rows and cells in the right place. And at that point we just have to customize the table with a name or a more cute layout anyway this is very convenient, the same goes for the texts that can be transferred to Google Documents another important thing that Bard does, but also chatGPT and the programming Bard invents different languages Obviously there is the language of the moment, which is Python, which can be exported and tested in Google Colab. Then we can ask Bard to create codes in C++, in Go, Java, JavaScript and so on. But we can also do much more prosaically formulas and formulas of the spreadsheet. For example, I said in words what I needed.

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Plus in go java javascript via dicendo però possiamo fare anche molto più prosaicamente delle formule delle formule del foglio di calcolo io per esempio ho detto a parole quello che mi serviva per esempio una formula per Google fogli che nella uno ha un nome e cognome tu mi devi tirar fuori nella colonna b soltanto il nome nella colonna c soltanto il cognome chiaramente una cosa molto comoda se noi abbiamo una database con nome cognome insieme e vogliamo has a name and a surname, you have to pull out in column B only the name, in column C only the surname. Clearly it is a very convenient thing if we have a database with name and surname together and we want divided fields. Clearly This can be easily done with a formula as long as you remember it and find it quickly. In that case, however, in the case of BARD, the formula is customized, which must be simply taken and pasted inside the sheet and then it works. The last thing that is a bit of a shame about these tools, since we are in Europe and are particularly sensitive not only to GDPR, privacy, therefore data privacy.

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So, the delay, as we said, of the arrival in Italy was also due to our privacy rules. So let's see how BARD behaves. So, in short, BARD has a little more than ChatGPT. For example, We can disable the Bard activity, which at that point is not recorded and tracked, because Google memorizes 18 months of activity in your account. For example, among other things, your IP address and so on.

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We can disable this option or decide to set it to 3 months 36 months and in any case we can always delete all the data as it happens in other Google products. All in all, to close, I just want to say 1 thing, the first use seemed to me very interesting as a tool, in my opinion, in terms of results, it has something less than ChatGPT, especially GPT4, and let's face it, with the question of the plugins that allow ChatGPT to interact with third-party services and do wonderful things like going to find flights and almost practically book hotels for you and other things, do graphics and things like that. And other things, make graphics, things like that. Clearly, we are only at the beginning. Google has promised that there will be some improvements, quite short, for example, the insertion as a prompt of images that at that point can be elaborated by artificial intelligence to replace maybe an analysis or other contents.

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It's a good start, certainly. Fortunately, we are also aligned with the rest of the world and we can use this new LLM. It can certainly grow a lot. In the meantime, good artificial intelligence to everyone. You