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Hello, I'm a dribble designer. Today, I'm going

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to do a Demaria. People say I look like a Demaria. I'm happy to hear that. But I think Beckham is a good player. Don't laugh too much.

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The left kick is on the right side, but the amount of kicks is more than that. In terms of success rate, it may be 20% lower. It may be only 1 in 5, but it's a good score. And that strong heart is a must for a dribbler. The way Di Maria is good at dribbling is to dribble vertically on the right side.

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When you dribble vertically, the defense will want to kick the ball to the left. And you wait for the ball to turn around. The dribble that comes into play

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at that moment is the

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main thing. He has 3 patterns. I use 1 of them depending on the defense. I'm going to show you 3 dribbles that you can definitely break. D'Ameria is a lefty, so he wants to use his left hand.

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What do you do in a rehense? Like this If you can do both sides like this What he does is From the knee to the other side. If you put your foot to the far side, you can roll again I'm aiming for a position where there is no turning back and no outs. When I say that, there is another 1. I don't kick with my left foot out, but with my right foot.

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I kick with a La foot. This is Dimaria's scissors cut-in. It's easy to understand if you use a step marker. This is a step marker. It's very strong.

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It's weak when you step on it. When you cut-in,

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If a normal person does it, It's

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yellow and red. You can take it with a strong feeling. In the case of Di Maria, you can do it like this. You can do it like this. How was it?

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In the case of Miya, it's like this. I'm sorry for saying this. How was it? Outside assist. If you care about that, scissors cut in.

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And when you go to the vertical, pretend to pass outside. And if you think you're going to kick with your right foot, don't kick with your right foot. Cross with a rabona. If you use those 3, you can hit a hit. Please take advantage it out.

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Thank you very much.