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PM Modi's France Visit To Likely Boost Economic Cooperation And Shape EU-India Strategic Ties

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Their rhythmic beats resonate through the French air. A 269-member tri-services contingent of the Indian Armed Forces prepares to march alongside the French counterparts for the French National Day. A long-running French tradition embedded in dissent and demonstration. The July 14 Bastille Day commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution. On this day, back in 1789, French protesters captured the Bastille prison, released the captors.

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The seizure represented resistance against the French monarchy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi witnesses this year's Bastille Day parade in Paris as a guest of honour. A rare honour for India as France does not invite foreign dignitaries as chief guests every year. The symbolism could not be greater as the 2 countries celebrate the silver jubilee of their strategic ties.

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It's first, it's a very symbolic visit. I mean, as you said, it's exceptional. And we wanted this year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of strategic partnership between our 2 countries. So we thought that would be the best symbol.

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France has extended a warm welcome to India's Rafale jets that were soared over the Paris skies on Bastille Day.

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We're going to have Indian troops marching on the Champs-Elysees at the beginning of the defilé and we have in the sky Indian Rafale. Oh wow! For the flight path, yes.

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So we have Indian troops on ground as well from all 3 wings of the Indian forces?

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Of course, yeah.

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The substance of Prime Minister Modi's July 14 to 16 visit is no less than its form. India is likely to sign deals to buy 26 Rafale M naval jets and 3 additional Scorpene submarines from France. The bilateral partnership extends to other areas as well.

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Efficiently on energy, energy transition, we're betting together on the energy of the future. You will see some announcement for example on hydrogen, We very much think that we should move forward. We have a clear road map between our 2 countries on hydrogen. We want to work on R&D, we want to work on certification, we want some industrial partnership and you will see more of that during this visit.

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Reimagining India's French connection, the start of a new chapter in industrial defence and technological cooperation between the 2 countries.

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