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Rakaasi Rakaasi Full Video Song || Rabhasa Video Songs || Jr Ntr, Samantha, Pranitha

4 minutes 17 seconds

Speaker 1

00:00:00 - 00:03:45

I I Like a Telugu girl, like a new avakaya Like a dog that doesn't bark, like a girl that's like a dog Like a Telugu girl, like a new avakaya Life without you, a play without colour, a festival without a salt Life without you, a FNO without a bike, a dance in a pub without girls A heartless smile, a lie, a break-up Come Kasi, come Kasi Throw me like a rubber band Throw me, throw me Don't you go, throw me smiles I wrote a love letter In this air, in this water in the air you go I put a wall poster I wrote suicide letter Without seeing my beauty I drank cyanide and got all the opportunities Hey beautiful girl No matter how much I get, I am like a ghost Like this, like this, like this Hey, my love heart, stop and go Life without you, I want a clean bond How much ever I try, I Even if you are a god, you are still a jackal Your name is Harold Gold No 1 will ask you if you wear a white shirt and white pants Hey Mila Mila, I am with you I will be with you for my whole life I have a dream, come true Hey, Let the time stop where it is Life without you is a horrible fate I'll put my feet on the burning alcohol Life without you is a burning fire I'll bathe in the hot water of the hot river I'll burn like a crow in the heat Rakasi Rakasi, you made me fly like a rubber band I