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This week on The News Agents: USA - Is Biden really that 'rock-solid' with the UK?

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This is a Global Player original podcast. On News Agents USA, we're going to be talking about NATO and whether Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak's relationship is really as rock solid as the US president says it is, because the US have just completely scuppered the possibility of Ben Wallace, our Defence Secretary, becoming the next Secretary General of NATO. Why? What lies behind it?

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We've also got a new court date for Donald Trump's appearance and that is in December. We're going to be hearing about that and how he and his co-defendant are trying to delay. And we'll be asking why Marjorie Taylor Greene has been thrown out of her spiritual home, the Freedom Caucus. That's all to come.

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And that's News Agents USA available on Global Player first of all and then wherever you get your podcasts. This has been a Global Player original podcast and a Persafonica production.